Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Al got to pick the music. Hit play and continue reading.

Cruise the Blues

Had a great event again this year with lots of exciting racing action on the Palen farm. Hands down the fastet CtB course I have ever ridden.
Alison "Big Al" Stamper was back in the hunt this year after missing out on the W in the womens Glory solo last year by about 4 minutes. Well, she had some stout competition from the Likes of Sara Kay Carrell (SCK), Manhattan strong woman Paulette Arnold and and last years winner, Kathy Reidy. Big Al raced a smart tactical race, pacing herself in the first blistering lap, then bridged the 2 minute gap up to SCK in the 2nd. The two proceeded to distance themselves from the rest of the group. In the 4th lap her Al-ness tried twisting the throttle of her 32-18 gearing and jumped on the lead during a climb. However, SKC would stand for none of that, and big ringed it on a descent to accumulate a 10 second lead that she would maintain for the last 3 miles. KAthy Reidy and Paulette rounded out the top 4 in the Ladies Glory Solo category.

Big Al gets paid!

The fruits of last years CtB race....a new SS framset.....could gears be in store for next year?
Stay tuned till next time when we will hear her Al-ness yell, "hey, cabana boy, who am I gonna have to punch to get some Perpetuam around here?"

About the extent of the lesser stampers racing. two laps and done. very weak sauce.

The Pain Freight Train (missing Apel) that blew the pack apart in the first lap. Tanner, Aaron and Zach were just killing it for the first 3 laps of the race, before Tanner fell off the pace with cramping issues.

Tanner being number 1 (not really sure how, but hey its his world we are just living in it)
Edit: Upon clarification it appears the tanner was asking for a Stoli Martini handup, just one olive

Al taking some feed

The pain train taking on some fuel

Zach D, could be the fastest way for you to get a sandwich in Manhattan. His training consists of delivering Jimmy Johns on a cross bike. Freaky Fast! rode his way into 3rd place!

Several other Manhatians were killing it too. Kyle Arnold and Gerald both had great showing finishing 5th and 2nd respectively.

Melanie Apel rode her way into 1st place in the Womens Solo Joy race
You can see pics of Mel and everyone else at Paula Stouts Flicker Page
Despite the absence of several bad goats we had a great showing for BGR. If you have not made it out to CtB you are missing a great time. Many thanks to the Palen family, Bud the race director, and all the volunteers and sponsors that make this event so awesome!
Also wanted to say thanks to the lovely Mina and Hilary for keeping everybody fed.
Whats up next?
SSWC in Durango, thats whats up!

We are living in strange times indeed.......