Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gravel Worlds

It's coming. We'll be there, will you?

GRAVEL WORLDS 2010 from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laramie Enduro

Like the bulls of Pamplona, the thundering flock descended on Laramie, WY for the Laramie Enduro with nothing but thin air and hate to power us. Josh and Jaime got to town ahead of everyone and secured camping. Waller and Stamper arrived in Laramie after picking up Brad Reed at the Cheyenne airport on Friday. Zach Dubas arrived Friday too.
Waller, Brad and I crashed a roller derby party in Laramie, but were up by the crack of dawn non-worse for the wear, feeling spry, and ready to ride.We all lined up and proceeded up a big climb to enter the singletrack. Corey told us to try to be towards the front early as things quickly backed up once you hit the first singletrack section. I got a good start and made it less than 300 yards before I heard the grind and crunch of flesh and carbon hitting gravel. I just kept motoring and hit the singletrack in the top 50 with Zach D running lead for me. Patterson and Waller were not far behind.
After we popped out of the singletrack we hit the open dirt roads of the medicine bow NF. Waller took a bad digger early on when he hit a huge water bar at about 28 mph. Patterson was right behind him when it happened and described it as a glorious explosion of speed and abraded flesh (bike hurtling through the air and waller skidding across gravel). Waller soldiered on for another 30 miles then pulled the plug.
Dubas lead the big ring foray into the open vistas of that were reminiscent of the Texaco hills section for the DK 200 (except the cattle were more docile). I managed to catch zach as his shifter failed and left him running a 3x1.

I was working hard but did not feel like I was doing anything unsustainable, Zach slipped by me as we hit the singletrack section. At the 2nd aid station I saw zach as he was leaving, and I decided to wait on Joe Fox, as I had caught a glimpse of him behind me earlier. Joe stopped to take a break a few minutes later and we saw Patterson rolling towards us.

We all proceeded to motor on towards the 3rd aid station through the swamp grounds. Then like a switch my legs just shut down with cramps. I made it to mile 52 before cramps ended my party. I did earn some good behavior points by handing off my chain to a young lady that was having some mechanical issues (she would finish and hunt me down to give me back my chain).

Zach D would continue his 3x1 hate fest to finish around 60th.

Josh and Joe would continue onward together and finish within a few minutes of each other.

Brad Reed finished later on a SS despite not having ridden a SS in over 2 years (and having the lowest BMI on our team).
Afterward, we sated our thirsts, found that we had quorum, and proceeded with a BGR business meeting to plan our fall endeavors.

Despite many breaks for refreshment, we got a few things hammered out. Then they started raffling things off, Brad reed was sent down to enter all of us in the raffle, and despite some name confusion (Zach Patterson?) we all scored some loot.

Waller and Stamper scored some sweet Feedback Bike stands.....and then proceeded to behave badly.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Laramie Enduro Anyone?

Four Bad Goats made the cut for Laramie.
Registration filled up wicked fast. The powers that be capped the field at 825 riders. 

And yes, that is not a misprint, credible sources have confirmed Stumpnasty has choosen to forgo singlespeeding in favor gears + full squish, and farthings in favor of penny wheels.

Must be something in the air up north...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

BGR 2010 Meeting

Greetings Honkies!
The flock descended on Big P's like like a bad case of hoof and mouth disease this friday evening to discuss business and plot for the 2010 season.
We covered a lot of new topics and revisited some old ideas.
Bad Goat Racing is now a USAC sanctioned disorganization. Face it. We are (il)legit!
You wanna be a mal cabra? Stay tuned we will have that info up in a few weeks.
We also discussed new kits, sponsors, hosting the KS CX Championships, and a few other topics before things denigrated out of control (as they usually do).

Then John "I am not a role model" Waller decided to breakout his pole dancing skills and the tone for the rest of the evening was set.

Apel sizes up the pole while tanner displays his usual prudent judgement.

Just how many bad goats can pole dance at once?

Patterson goes for style points

I am pretty sure that this was not what our coach had in mind when he suggested activities for coordination and flexibility (EDIT: we are now taking applications for a new coach/trainer....you should have lots of patience and should own a RV....send pictures of the RV).

Things got a little creepy later on.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Barnyard Brewing in the news

One of our sponsors (the one that keeps us hydrated and ornery) Barnyard Brewing was recently included in an article about the growing trend toward "nanobrewing." Nanobrewing refers to brewing operations larger than homebrewing but not yet on the scale of a microbrewery.

You can read more here.