Sunday, February 14, 2010

BGR 2010 Meeting

Greetings Honkies!
The flock descended on Big P's like like a bad case of hoof and mouth disease this friday evening to discuss business and plot for the 2010 season.
We covered a lot of new topics and revisited some old ideas.
Bad Goat Racing is now a USAC sanctioned disorganization. Face it. We are (il)legit!
You wanna be a mal cabra? Stay tuned we will have that info up in a few weeks.
We also discussed new kits, sponsors, hosting the KS CX Championships, and a few other topics before things denigrated out of control (as they usually do).

Then John "I am not a role model" Waller decided to breakout his pole dancing skills and the tone for the rest of the evening was set.

Apel sizes up the pole while tanner displays his usual prudent judgement.

Just how many bad goats can pole dance at once?

Patterson goes for style points

I am pretty sure that this was not what our coach had in mind when he suggested activities for coordination and flexibility (EDIT: we are now taking applications for a new coach/ should have lots of patience and should own a RV....send pictures of the RV).

Things got a little creepy later on.

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