Monday, November 9, 2009

CX under the lights at Heartland Park

First, Big Shout out to Jeff and all the Series 60 folks that made this event happen. It awesome to see that we are able to have these great races at venues that are really nontraditional. And make no mistake, there probably is not a lot of spandex seen at a normal Heartland Park event.

We saw 5 bad goats gruff roll in for the 3's race, and got to see our friends from Nebraska had made it down. Craig, Troy, and Matt of Lincoln Industries were all looking strong in the Masters and open class, and Nate Woodman, proprietor of Monkey Wrench Cycles, also laying it down in the open class. Shad put in another great open race and is always in the mix.

We lined up for the 3's race about 30 deep and went off with a bang. Things quickly got sketchy in the series of 180 degree turns before we got spit out onto the dirt track. It was screaming fast.

Patterson put together some great video

Patterson, Dubas and Stamper made up the bulk of the first chase group for the first 4 laps,

before Patterson blew the group apart with a surge with just under 3 to go.

Tanner and Aaron got caught in the traffic in the first lap, and were fighting traffic the whole race.

Dubas (below) tried to make the bridge up to Patterson, but blew up in the process.

He was still feeling the effects of his total domination Dirty Apple alley cat the night before.

Stamper (above) bides his time and made a move on the last lap to sneak into 7th place, while Patterson(below) held off all challengers for 5th.

Two big thumbs up for night racing.

Big thanks to Mel, Mina, and Jaime for the pics. We definitely had the loudest fans out there. Nothing like having Mina screaming, "Go uncle Dumpy!" every time you come around

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