Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It only takes 20 dollars to make me hollar!

So two of our fearless heros made the journey up to Lincoln for some CX action.
Dubas and Stamper lined up for the 3/4's race, and managed to duke it out on a beautiful fall afternoon.

Pictures via Michael Dixon's Public gallery
I got a good start about 5th with zack right behind me as we got through the first half lap.
Schumaker was in front of me, until I slipped around him on the screaming descent down hooligan hill (yes it is as awesome as it sounds ......... bacon handups) After a lap or two I realized that zack was not gonna be with me as he had taken a couple of diggers.

I managed to get up to Gilhousen and said "lets go" as we started the flat wide open paved section. I pulled for a couple laps, and then Matt came around. About this time I realized that the great white Cornbread was upon us, crushing it on his SS after starting 15 seconds after us........he is not human.
Gilhousen got a 3 second gap on me after a bit, but took a nasty fall after overcooking a corner and getting caught in the tape and stakes.

I managed to keep it upright for the rest of the race to finish in the money!
20 dollars to make me hollar!
I was talking to zack after the race about his wrecks, and turns out hes was running like 60 psi in his tires! Something about pinch flats..........we are gonna work on incorporating finesse into his cycling repertoire. with clinchers I can safety run 35 psi without things getting to squirrely.
Lord knows, Zack puts out alot more watts than I do!
Thanks to Troy, Craig, Matt, Monkey Wrench, Lincoln Industries, , and all of the hooligans on the hill for making it a great race.
Results are here
Corey had a good video of the 1/2/3 race and the antics on hooligan hill

Lincoln Cyclocross 2009 from Cornbread on Vimeo.

In other, less glorious news I only have another few weeks of torture with Himmler

Deep in the pain cave I can hear Dwight Yokum!

The lab technicians get pretty pissed when I (try to) sing along to classic country music through the flow tube when my HR is at 170. Nothing gets me to that 400 watt mark like Waylon Jennings!

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