Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Ride 2 Paradise

Holy nuts! we left for the hill country of north central KS on Saturday after getting a text from Waller that went like this:
JW: hey you guys left yet?
Me: You blickety-blank, no account, so and so..........
JW: I will take that as a no, go sit on your thumb, I will grace you with my presence in an hour.

What I did not tell Waller was that 3 people and one dog were gonna drive 3 hours in the cab of my truck, which seats 2 uncomfortably.

He was not amused.

We met Tanner and Mina in Hays and went out for dinner at The Liquid Bread Company in Hays, America. The vittles were spectacular!

The next morning we went out loaded for bear, as the temps were not forecast to get out of the mid 30's all day.

After Tanner knocked off a liquor store he finally showed up.

He was rocking the pimpest shoe covers I have ever laid eyes on

Big Al was all smiles as we caffeinated prior to rolling out, Tanners outlook was not so positive.

He warmed up quickly once he was astride The (pseudo)recumbent gravel road machine from RANS (note that wheelsucking ner' do well loafing in the side mirror)

Never Doubt the gnar hucking potential of a pseudo-recumbent (especially when it has Juicy Carbon disc brakes and comes with a Sid fork)

Taking a break at a sag stop

Someone pointed out that it could effect my ability to operate a car or machinery......pppssshhhh. Al was like, "shut up and get on the bike!"

Al finally cracks the whip and we finally get the freight train of pain underway. High temp for the day was sweltering 36 degrees. It was a brutal ride with lots of climbs, that eventually saw us resorting to the granny gear on the tandem.

Making love to the camera with seductive looks during my Velonews interview at the lunch stop regarding our current domination of the "midwest endurance gravel road tandem racing scene". Mina quietly gagged behind the lens.

Things quickly turned ugly when someone pointed out there was no such "scene".

This is a common look I get from J. Dub regarding how I deal with fame. Disbelief, contempt, pity......whatever..... jealousy it a bitter pill.

Once again We have gotten caught "ridin dirty" at another great grass roots event in north-central KS. Many thanks to The Renard family, the gracious volunteers, and all the other folks that braved the weather to make this a great event and helped raise money for the NKDSVS
Also many thanks to Mina for taking picture, being the Hostess with the Mostess, and for keeping Tanner from dragging his knuckles.

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