Monday, October 26, 2009

Smithville Cross

Well, another grand time was had at the Smithville CX event. Chris had a smashing course with some absolutely horrid run ups that we ridden by many a bad goat once things sorted themselve out after the first lap.

Patterson proves his sneakyness by surging to the front of the group even after his highly contested "call down" by the Officials. We were also informed that we were not allowed to take our hands off the bars as we crossed the finish line.......I can understand banning dancing in the endzone, but come on?

The 3 billy goats Gruff

Patterson releases all the pent up hate in his heart

I had just eaten it at the lakeside run up so I took the conservative line.

Barriers on a downhill section.....

Aaron busted up on his first 3/4 race and made a great showing.

Laying it down

Patterson cuts a new line.

Aaron rolling the fine line

My domestique clears the way for our triumphant mid pack finish.
Afterwards we made time for some singletrack MTB'ing with the lovely NannyGoats, and then To Free State in Larryville for some Cheddar Ale Soup. It was a glorious day.


  1. "Patterson releases all the pent up hate in his heart."

    Indeed, after being struck down by the F.U.P.A I was filled to the brim with piss & vinegar.

    Good job fellow Bad Goats!

  2. F.U.P.A? Do I even want to know?